Re: About the thin provision function @ kernel 3.2 or later.

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On Sun, Jan 15 2012 at  8:27pm -0500,
Yukihito HARA <yukihito.hara623@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:

> Hi, I'm Yukihito, and interested in Linux system.
> Recently days, I became happy to hear that Linux kernel start to support
> thin-provisioning function.
> And not trying to how it work on latest kernel.
> According to the word "thin provisioning", I'm imaging that, I can get
> larger space than actual disk size. This image is born from
> thin-provisioning system working on VMWare series.
> And can write the files until reach to the physical maximum. Once reach to
> the physical maximum, I can't write any more files to that volume, but I
> can write more files after add additional physical disks to thin-pool.
> I could create the pool according to the documents included in the kernel
> source(Documentation/device-mapper/thin-provisioning.txt).
> But I'm not sure, it works as I expecting like above.
> So can you provide more detailed documentation about the thin-provisioning,
> if you have?
> There're no documentation written in Japanese, so I'll also output this
> communication to wiki or my twitter in Japanese. It helpful to make your
> work more major among Japanese IT engineers. And you can get more feedback
> if the challengers in Japan will be increased.
> The worst point of the current documentation is, it's not instruct about
> how to use like above. Can't get image how to use this like VMware system
> from that document.
> Sorry, this is my private testing, not for work. So I can't get much time
> to this, but very interested in.

Please see this reply that was recently sent to the list:

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