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Re: exclusive flag trouble

On 03/11/2012 11:27 AM, Javier Juan Martínez Cabezón wrote:

Hi until now I used a tool to make hidden partitions called scubed (is
something like a partition tool that used cryptsetup to create the
needed volumes (really old but worked fine)


- I get realized from this:


With scubed you create five cryptsetup levels in the same device and
with all unlocked you assign needed blocks to each of them with scubed)

I haven't get troubles with this is able for example to create read only
media (dvd+-r) with multiple ciphered layers.

Here is the readme (with a mini tutorial):


# cryptsetup create scubed1 /dev/loop0
Enter passphrase:
# cryptsetup create scubed2 /dev/loop0
Enter passphrase:

This is exactly why exclusive checking is there - it is recipe
for data corruption if plaintext devices are wrongly accessed
(you write to one device but you will get data from cache for other).

Please can you add a new issue on cryptsetup project page to track that?
(I have currently no time to check it now but save it for later.)

I do not think I will reintroduce non-exclusive mode but I would like
to check how scubed works and possibly provide some workaround.
(IMHO if scubed creates private devices, it is fine, so maybe some patch
is the way to go.)

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