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Re: LUKS encryption standards

On 02/29/2012 05:23 PM, Bennett, Justin wrote:
I’d like to use the LUKS-based encryption that is available during
the installation of RHEL 5 (the OS we’ll be using going forward) but
I need to know some specific information regarding the encryption
standards that are met by LUKS. Specifically, the customer requires
that the encryption meet the standards set forth by the United States
Dept. of Commerce in FIPS-140-2


As you already found, RHEL5 has no FIPS certified module for disk
volume encryption.

For RHEL6, there is such module in validation process
(based on LUKS/cryptsetup/dm-crypt).

But anyway, this is really question for Red Hat support channel.

I’m wondering if someone can tell me whether the current cryptsetup
or dm-crypt offerings support this or not. I tried looking through a
list of validated cryptographic modules kept by the NIST, but I
didn’t have any luck.

Also check modules in process page.

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