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Re: Inquiry from Qualcomm on DM_CRYPT for Android ICS

On 02/08/2012 08:21 PM, Hari Prasad wrote:
MY name is Hari, I work for Crypto SW team at Qualcomm Inc. We are
using our Crypto HW to do all the necessary encryption & decryption.
We are trying to use this DM-CRYPT in our setup, I am not sure how
the HW device is mapped using DM_CRYPT, I don't see any of our code
being called for HW when I run an encryption test (ENCRYPT PHONE in
ICS Android build).

I have attached the log (printk added in DM_CRYPT), I see that the
device crashes or something happens (device disappears after few
seconds of starting the ENCRYPT_PHONE).

We register our HW through misc_register function call.

It would be really helpful if I can get the solution to map our HW
device using DM-CRYPT.

You need to write a driver for crypto API, then dmcrypt will use
your hw encryption automatically. Then you should see your implementation
in /proc/crypto

dmcrypt doesn't use any hw directly, all crypto functions are
handled through kernel crypto API interface.
(Usually hw crypto drivers have higher priority, so they
are preferred to sw implementation, see priority in /proc/crypto.)

You can ask on kernel crypto list if you need help with implementing
crypto driver - list is linux-crypto@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx


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