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Re: Kernel BUG (fs/bio.c:1499) when copying more files to an encrypted device

On 01/25/2012 09:06 AM, Luzipher McLeod wrote:
Hi Mandeep,

Thanks fpr your quick answer. So, what can be done about this ?
Should I try to apply that patch you linked to ? (but I guess a patch
from 2007 won't apply cleanly ...)

bio_split is called from linear_make_request, which is MD raid code.
(MD linear is very rarely used IMHO, device-mapper & LVM usually works
better in this situation - can you try to reproduce it using DM?)

Anyway, seems like and MD bug, please forward it to md list

(please cc me, if it uncovers some bug in dmcrypt, I'll fix it)


After talking to the btrfs devs on freenode (as btrfs is the most
experimental thing in the stack, they came to the conclusion
that it's most probably the crypto layer.

They are repeating this for years every time they see dmcrypt in stack despite
they are not able to provide reliable reproducer. We have no such report
for ext3, ext4, xfs or any other fs.

dm-crypt mailing list

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