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minimal LUKS container size


thanks for the effort you put into developing LUKS and cryptsetup. I have a suggestion for improving the package: Please document the minimal size for a LUKS container; I could not find it in the documentation nor in the FAQ. It would also be helpful if "cryptsetup luksCreate" would fail with an error message if the container is too small. Currently, "cryptsetup luksCreate" succeeds and "cryptsetup luksOpen" fails with a device-mapper error, which does not point the user into the right direction. It took me quite some time to find out the reason being too small a container. As far as I could find out by trial and error, for cryptsetup 1.3 with the default settings the container must be larger than 2MB (creating a 3MB container results in a 1MB filesystem), whereas for the old 1.1 release it seems to be > 1MB. Is this correct?
Rational for a small container: I want to have a key file on a USB medium secured in a LUKS container. Since the key is only 512 Bit long, a very small container would be sufficient.

Thank you very much.


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