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Re: Password is not accepted

Very strange indeed. Is this repeatable?

LUKS itself does not need any time to activate. LVM
should not need more than fractions of a second.

Meybe a thermal issue with RAM, CPU or PSU that has the
password iterations fail when cold and work when warmed 
up? For CPU/RAM this would be strance as cold CMOS 
circuits work better than hot ones. For the PSU, it
is possible that failing capacitors reconstiture a bit
after warm up. Anyways, sounds like a hardware issue to 


On Tue, Sep 20, 2011 at 09:13:32PM +0200, Ask Me wrote:
> Hi
> Now I'm having a strange problem. First I thought that I was getting old and had forgot my password but now it happens more then once.
> When I reboot my computer and try to open my encrypted device with "cryptsetup luksOpen /dev/vg_home/home_private lv_encr" I get the message that my password is not accepted.
> But if I reboot it again and wait for a few minutes and try the command again it's successful. 
> Is it possible that it needs time to activate? It's a LVM array. But my /tmp and swap is encrypted at boot and they works (I hope =) )
> My setup is
> sda1 -> LVM -> dm_crypt -> xfs
> //Martin

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