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Questions about LUKS / LVM

Hello everyone

I'm contemplating setting up my new laptop to make use of LUKS + LVM
when I install Arch Linux on it, but I've got a few questions.

How much of a load on the system would LUKS + LVM be? Is it likely to
result in a noticeable drop in performance? Does entering the key(s) at
boot decrypt the whole volume, or just provide a means for the kernel
module to decrypt and encrypt on-the-fly?

And… how does it work? The documentation makes mention of multiple
key-slots; but I'm a little baffled as to how different keys can be used
to decrypt the same volume. It is based on symmetric cryptography, isn't

I'd just like to get as much information as possible before I set this
up, as I'm still not entirely sure if full-disk encryption is worth the
effort for a personal laptop.

Cheers if you can advise


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