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Re: yet another "lost my partition" message

Hi Arno,
Thank you for replying
As it was not the root partition the one I was using with encryption I can boot without problems on my old system without mounting /home ( the partition with issue).
So, booted again in my old distro and ran the comand:
Âcryptsetup luksOpen /dev/sda10 home
It worked with my passphrase and I could see the /dev/mapper/home device created.
Trying to mount it I get:
mount /dev/mapper/home /mnt/
mount: you must specify the filesystem type

It seems to have lost the partition table so.
I am running testdisk now and trying to understand if this is really my partition without some blocks
I will be back with updates
Thanks again!
On Tue, Apr 12, 2011 at 10:10 PM, Arno Wagner <arno@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
Hi Hugo,

first, there is a lot of info inthe FAQ here:

Best boot a resuce system and try to decrypt the partition
manually with cryptsetup. If that works with any of the
possible passphrases, then all your data is still there.
If not, best post the error message here.

Manual decryption should work with a command like this:

> cryptsetup luksOpen /dev/<your device> e1

Afterwards the decrypted device is Â/dev/mapper/e1
You can mount that normally.

You can get header details like this:

> cryptsetup luksDump /dev/<your partition>

Ubuntu should have a resuce mode or life-cd mode that
allows you to do this.


On Tue, Apr 12, 2011 at 05:13:17PM -0300, Hugo Melo wrote:
> Hi everyone,
> I've just lost my home partition trying to reinstall ubuntu.
> On the installation process, trying to configure my encrypted home
> partition, I thought it was going to mount my partition but it was asking
> for the new key.
> After that I rebooted and didn't make any other changes to my partition.
> It seems the partitioner used "cryptsetup luksFormat". Do you think I can
> still restore my partition?
> I used the same passphrase configured for my home.
> Thanks on any light
> --
> -- Hugo Melo

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