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Re: Question on Disk Layout (Stacking supported ?)

Hello Milan, 

> Stacking should work without problems. Just when online 
> resizing you need additional step when resizing crypt device 
> (cryptsetup resize <dev> is for online resize. Or just 
> activate/ deactivate and it loads new size.)

thanks for the feedback. I guess this is the way to go then. I found
this setup very usefull. It allows for auto-resizing and providing one
machine image for multiple use cases (which is good for "the clouds").

And you are right that RedHat EL is the main focus (RHEL 5.4), so the
feedback is very valuable.

> So it depends on which distro and kernel you are using.
> (I guess you are using RHEL5 clone, even there it can be 
> configure efficiently. In fact many users have very similar 
> configuration like you
> described.)

Do you have some hint regarding this for "best practice" setups ? (RHEl
Docs ?)

While this is more of a "general storage" issue, do you mean tuning the
scheuler / readahead or tuning dm_crypt ?


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