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Re: Security of cloned disks (with changed passphrases)

Hi Everyone,

I have a dm-crypt compiled kernel image.I have also compiled Cryptsetup.Through what commands can I link both??
As I am quite new in this field,i have no idea at all.
Please help.

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Subject:  Security of cloned disks (with changed passphrases)

I am wondering if I perform this setup (cryptsetup version 1.1.2), how much risk do I expose my systems to?

Step 1: Create a base install that is encrypted with a fixed passphrase
Step 2: Create a disk image of this installed system
Step 3: Deploy image on N number of other systems
Step 4: Change the passphrase on all deployed systems

What happens if the passphrase becomes compromised on one of these systems?  Can that person gain the original LUKS AES key to the disk and therefore obtain a way to break into all of the other systems?

If yes, is there anything to do on each cloned system to improve security?

Best Regards,
Matthew Mosesohn

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