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Crypto operation


In order to better understand how cryptsetup works, I'm asking if there is a
'big picture' or a debug mode explaining how things are done. (I'm asking
about cryptsetup, not LUKS).

e.g. An explanation as. Password is taken from command line. 
A read is made through /dev/mapper/crypted_disk
The first block is read. The AES-128-cbc operation is computed with options
like, iv= K= or salt=...
When we write a block, then which things are done, and so on.

Is there a tech documentation explaining that? The goal for me would to use
openssl in order to make a decryption of a disk ciphered by cryptsetup and

In a second time, I would think that it works the salme way with Luks,
excepts that the password is read from the luks header nad crypto operation
begins beyond the luks header.



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