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dm-crypt flush-to-disk freezes

Hi all,

now I have been hit with a flush-to-disk problem. 

The set-up is a dm-crypt partition with a Windows XP 
VM and the current VMplayer, all with kernel
from kernel.org and current vmware-tools in the VM.

The XP in the VM (which I use when I cannot avoid 
working with Word) frequently hangs for single digit
seconds, on what seems to be flushes-to-disk. 

Moving the VM to an unencrypted partition cures the 
problem, but as I work on confidential stuff, I would 
rather have it encrypted. 

What is the current take on this problem? Any fix 
known or expected for the near future?

Thanks for any insights.

Arno Wagner, Dr. sc. techn., Dipl. Inform., CISSP -- Email: arno@xxxxxxxxxxx 
GnuPG:  ID: 1E25338F  FP: 0C30 5782 9D93 F785 E79C  0296 797F 6B50 1E25 338F
Cuddly UI's are the manifestation of wishful thinking. -- Dylan Evans

If it's in the news, don't worry about it.  The very definition of 
"news" is "something that hardly ever happens." -- Bruce Schneier 
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