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Inside ICE Newsletter

Title: Inside ICE, April 11, 2007 e-newsletter - www.ice.gov
Inside ICE - www.ice.gov
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Volume 4, Issue 2 ( PDF Version )

IMAGE Members See Benefits

When Staff Management, an onsite contingent staffing provider based in Chicago, Ill., signed on earlier this year as a charter member of the ICE Mutual Agreement between Government and Employers program (IMAGE) company officials expected to gain recognition as a corporate leader in complying with laws regarding legal employment.


National Cleaning Company Executives Indicted for Harboring Illegal Aliens and Evading Taxes

United States Attorney Margaret M. Chiara, ICE Assistant Secretary Julie L. Myers and Acting Chief of the Criminal Investigation Division for the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) John H. Imhoff, Jr. announced February 22 the unsealing of a 23-count felony indictment charging three Florida residents with conspiracy to defraud the United States, harbor illegal aliens for profit, and evade payment of federal employment taxes.


ICE Agents Seize Dinosaur Eggs and Diamonds

ICE agents have recently investigated and made seizures in two high-interest cases. Agents seized a nearly perfectly preserved nest of fossilized dinosaur eggs that was apparently smuggled out of China. ICE was tipped off by a December USA Today article touting the upcoming sale of the eggs by Bohnams and Butterfields Auction House. Bohnams and Butterfields is cooperating fully with the ongoing investigation. The USA Today story estimated the fossilized eggs’ value at more than $200,000, stating that the nest was unearthed in China’s Guangdon Province during the early 1980s and was ultimately purchased by an American collector in 2003.


ICE Operation Return to Sender Yields 178 Arrests in South Florida

An ICE operation dubbed "Return to Sender" yielded the arrest of 178 fugitives and immigration status violators in Miami during a weeklong detention and removal effort that culminated on February 2.


800 Pounds of Cocaine and 55 Pounds of Heroin Seized in Puerto Rico

A 130-foot Bolivian-flagged cargo vessel carrying approximately 800 pounds of cocaine and 55 pounds of brown heroin with an estimated street value of $8 million was escorted to the U.S. Coast Guard base in San Juan, Puerto Rico earlier this year. There, federal agencies participating in the Caribbean Corridor Initiative arrested the eight-member Colombian crew and seized the contraband.


ICE Most Wanted

This Week’s Featured Fugitive: Hong Chen


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