Re: [PATCH] Allow Acknowledgment of all valid Response packets

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Hi Samuel,

apologies for the late reply, there were some changes in the mail system that
lead to being offline last week.

Thank you for the patch. What I am asking myself is whether the problem is
 * specific to links with a long RTT or
 * can be used in general for all links?

I believe the patch is useful, but am not sure using it for the general case,
need to work through the implications. Also the patch did not apply due to 
line-wrap, I tried to fix this manually but there were several places.

The 'increase ISS on retransmission' issue was first discovered 2006 by Vladimir,

Also, there are other things in DCCP that currently will not work well over long-delay links:
 * DCCP_TIMEOUT_INIT of 3 seconds (you mentioned this already in your email)
 * DCCP_SANE_RTT_MAX = 3 seconds  (only used by ccid3/4)

I wonder thus if it makes sense to introduce a compilation flag "DCCP_LONG_DELAY_LINKS"
which changes these parameters and which would conditionally enable your patch?


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