Re: Sequence Number Validation Bug Fixes 2/2

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Thanks a lot for looking into this.

I think the problem below is similar to or even covered by the bug fix
submitted on 23th November (it is in net-2.6 but may not yet be in mainline):;a=commitdiff;h=0ac78870220b6e0ac74dd9292bcfa7b18718babd

I will have a look at the other patches, but it maybe "next year" until
able to get back.

Quoting Samuel Jero:
| Currently dccp_check_seqno allows any valid packet to update the
| Greatest Sequence Number Received, even if that packet's sequence number
| is less than the current GSR. This patch adds a check to make sure that
| the new packet's sequence number is greater than GSR.
| >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>  Patch Follows <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<
| diff --git a/net/dccp/input.c b/net/dccp/input.c
| --- a/net/dccp/input.c
| +++ b/net/dccp/input.c
| @@ -252,7 +253,10 @@ static int dccp_check_seqno(struct sock *sk, struct
| sk_buff *skb)
| if (between48(seqno, lswl, dp->dccps_swh) &&
|     (ackno == DCCP_PKT_WITHOUT_ACK_SEQ ||
|      between48(ackno, lawl, dp->dccps_awh))) {
| - dccp_update_gsr(sk, seqno);
| +
| + if(after48(seqno, dp->dccps_gsr)){
| + dccp_update_gsr(sk, seqno);
| + }
| if (dh->dccph_type != DCCP_PKT_SYNC &&
|     ackno != DCCP_PKT_WITHOUT_ACK_SEQ && 

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