net-next-2.6 [PATCH 0/5] dccp: miscellaneous CCID fixes and clean-up

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Dear Dave,

please find attached a tested set of 2 + 3 cleanup patches; 
 * the first two affect the DCCP CCID interface in general,
 * the last three conclude the first set of CCID-3 patches.

 Patch #1: allows the CCID option-parsing routines to see the packet type.
 Patch #2: replaces magic CCID-specific numbers with symbolic constants.
 Patch #3: removes a redundant CCID-3 state (thanks to Leandro Sales de Melo).
 Patch #4: fixes several issues in computing the CCID-3 loss rate.
 Patch #5: removes redundant CCID-3 TX 'options_received' struct.

The set has also been placed into a fresh (today's) copy of net-next-2.6, on

    git://        [subtree 'dccp']

All patches have been tested and compile independently.    
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