Re: [PATCH 1/5] First Patch on TFRC-SP. Copy base files from TFRC

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>> Also separated the conditions
>> +               if ((len <= 0) ||
>> +                   (!tfrc_lh_closed_check(cur,
>> cong_evt->tfrchrx_ccval))) {
>> back into
>>                if (len <= 0)
>>                        return false;
>>                if (!tfrc_lh_closed_check(cur, cong_evt->tfrchrx_ccval))
>>                        return false;
> Thanks!
Yes I know, the above change is reintroduced by patch 2/2. Only found
out after I had gone through this one.

>> The following function pokes a hole in thei so far "abstract" data type;
>> the convention has been to access the internals of the struct only via
>> get-functions:
>> static inline struct tfrc_loss_interval
>>        *tfrc_lh_get_loss_interval(struct tfrc_loss_hist *lh, const u8 i)
>> {
>>        BUG_ON(i >= lh->counter);
>>        return lh->ring[LIH_INDEX(lh->counter - i - 1)];
>> }
>> (You use it in patch 3/5 to gain access to li_ccval and li_losses.
>> Better would be to have two separate accessor functions.)
> Okay, I will fix this.
It would be great but is secondary at this stage. The primary objective
should be to get a common prototype out soon, and then verify that it is
correct. I expect several rewrites of other code to make this possible,
so the above detail can also be fixed once a prototype has been found to
work satisfactorily.

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