Re: [PATCH 1/5] First Patch on TFRC-SP. Copy base files from TFRC

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Sorry for the delay in replying.

>> One future patch will need to modify this file, but now it's really an
>> exact copy.
> Basically the rule with a patch set is that all the patches should
> make sense together.
> It may well be that it makes sense to make a copy, but if you want to
> do this then present it with the patch that then modifies it.
I agree with Ian's point. At the moment I can only see patch 5/5 modifying
this file (adding documentation); from my reading of RFC 4828/5622 it seems
not necessary to use 'tfrc_sp' variants of the functions computing X.

The situation will be better as soon as the patches are in their own subtree.
Currently there is a benefit in using separate files: the tfrc library does
not support a sender-based variant of TFRC, hence requires further work
a decision to support a sender-bsed variant of CCID-3/4 only in an
experimental subtree - this requires input and discussion.

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