Re: [RFC] dccp ccid-3: High-res or low-res timers?

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Thanks Ian for the comments and suggestions, which is input for further
work. Hope to start this poco a poco soon.

| > Do you think we could live with clamping the RTT to some sensible
| > minimum, since on a local LAN the use of congestion control is
| > questionable? I was thinking in the order of 0.5 ... 1msec.
| >
| I think that is a good idea - if 1 msec, and HZ = 1000 then we
| wouldn't lose any transmission capability.
Probably it will require a bit of testing, it might be that some
fine-tuning is needed since a lower RTT also means a lower maximum
throughput -- but maybe that limit is fully sufficient for the target
operational range of CCID-3 (streaming, not bulk data transfer).

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