Re: [PATCH 08/37] dccp: Query supported CCIDs

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Quoting Arnaldo:
| Em Thu, Aug 28, 2008 at 07:44:43PM +0200, Gerrit Renker escreveu:
| > This provides a data structure to record which CCIDs are locally supported
| > and three accessor functions:
| >  - a test function for internal use which is used to validate CCID requests
| >    made by the user;
| >  - a copy function so that the list can be used for feature-negotiation;
| >  - documented getsockopt() support so that the user can query capabilities.
| > 
| > The data structure is a table which is filled in at compile-time with the
| > list of available CCIDs (which in turn depends on the Kconfig choices).
| > 
| > Using the copy function for cloning the list of supported CCIDs is useful for
| > feature negotiation, since the negotiation is now with the full list of available
| > CCIDs (e.g. {2, 3}) instead of the default value {2}. This means negotiation
| > will not fail if the peer requests to use CCID3 instead of CCID2.
| But this limits us to the CCIDs at kernel build time, what if I want to
| test CCID4? I guess we could have something like a bitmap and check if
| the bit for that CCID is set, and it would be set at ccid_register time.
| Perhaps using include/linux/bitmap.h :-)
Or have a look at how it has been done in the CCID-4 subtree for about a year?
Please take a look at;a=commitdiff;h=d88f6d5505f83f4c19a3417fbf3ee8874c87d227

And also (shows age of the patches):	

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