Re: bug in handling of ignored traps

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> Per POSIX requirements on trap, dash is properly refusing to let
> non-interactive scripts reset signal handlers via trap if the shell was
> started with an inherited ignored signal handler.  However, dash lies to
> the user, making it impossible to tell if the user is invoking a shell
> in an environment where a signal was inherited as ignored.  ksh and bash
> are nicer about things, and at least let the user query whether a shell
> is treating a particular signal as non-resettable.

I don't think this is a bug.  It's more of a quality-of-implementation
issue.  dash appears to be following the "no error need be reported
when attempting to do so" part of the Posix spec, which is fine.  Bash
did more or less the same thing until bash-4.2.


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