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On Tue, 2011-03-08 at 09:17 +0200, Dan Muresan wrote:
> Wherever Linux goes, bash goes too... except for embedded busyboxy
> systems, where everything is customized by hand anyway.

No one ever said you couldn't write shell scripts in bash rather than in
sh, even on Ubuntu.  You just have to use #!/bin/bash at the top, not
#!/bin/sh.  Truth in scripting!

On the other hand, I think you're underestimating the types of software
that would go on an embedded busybox system: I run PXE-booted systems on
blades that have 8+ cores and 24+G RAM, and 10gig ethernet interfaces.
And they use busybox (because who wants to waste ramdisk space on a full
GNU toolset?  I NEED that memory for other things).  And they use a
bunch of other tools that I would dearly love to not have to "customize
by hand".

It's one of the banes of my (professional) life, all the scripts out
there for tools I want to install on my blades, written by people who
think if it runs on Red Hat it's done and that sh == bash (... and who
think they can write their own makefiles/configure environments that are
as good as or better than the GNU autotools--but that's a topic for
another day).

I personally am very grateful to Ubuntu for taking the high road here
and forcing some sanity and consideration back into the scripting
culture.  Little by little things ARE getting better.

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