Re: read() builtin doesnt read integer value /proc files (but bashs does)

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On Wed, 15 Dec 2010, Jonathan Nieder wrote:
> Cristian Ionescu-Idbohrn wrote:
> > On Sun, 28 Nov 2010, Herbert Xu wrote:
> >>
> >> I'm with Jilles on this.  I also don't particularly feel like
> >> bloating dash just because of the borked /proc interface when
> >> there is a perfectly adequate work-around in "cat".
> >>
> >> 	value=$(cat /proc/file)
> >
> > I wouldn't call that "a perfectly adequate work-around", but a painful
> > and unadequate work-around.
> This works in /proc because files in /proc are seekable.
> That said, I don't think borked /proc is a great reason to do this
> (it's a better reason to fix /proc).  Speeding up the read builtin
> might be a good reason.

Right.  So, there are 2 options here.  One is to to make dash work like
bash on a proc filesystem, the other to "fix" the kernel.

How many linux distributions depend on a "working" dash?
Which alternative is the more realistic one?
What are the ETAs odds?
How do we proceed?


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