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On Tue, Jul 06, 2010 at 05:18:54PM +0930, Malcolm Kay wrote:

> I recall seeing and even playing with an implementation of 
> the Almquist shell 'ash' in the mid 1980's but as it was running 
> on an unimpressive/unsuitable operating system (DRDOS/TOS)

That must have been a different shell, because the Almquist
shell was introduced '89.

> Later I picked up a microVAX with Ultrix 4, I still have the 
> manuals. The man pages reference sh(1) as "the standard Bourne 
> shell interpreter" and sh5(1) as a "version of the shell from 
> System V version 2".

Ultrix sh is a variant of the 7th edition shell, the original
Bourne shell. (Ultrix eventually got somewhat famous for coming
with such an old variant as /bin/sh, because it had not even
implemented functions, yet).  Ultrix sh5 is a later variant of
the same family, which was mainly added because it had functions.
If you want to have a glance at such relationsships from the
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