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On Tue, Jun 29, 2010 at 10:38:31AM +0930, Malcolm Kay wrote:

> I had assumed that 'dash' aimed to be a faster replacement for 
> the classical Bourne shell 'sh' as implemented in BSD systems,
> and this seemed to be confirmed when all the man pages I've been 
> able to find were more or less direct copies of BSD 'sh' pages.

The original ash (at the time of 4.3BSD-Net2) was such a replacement
of the SVR4 Bourne shell.  But with the next "traditional" BSD release,
4.4BSD alpha, the shell was already aiming at POSIX; and so were the
shells on NetBSD (1.0 ff) and FreeBSD, soon.

However, there is a relation from 4.3BSD-Net2, 386BSD, earlyNetBSD to
a Linux port, and thus a Bourne-like ash interestingly survived with
Slackware until 2007 (8.1).

dash in contrast was an independent, later port from NetBSD to Linux
and was a modern variant from the start.
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