Re: Parameter expansion fails when assigning a local variable

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Jesper Bengtsson <jesper.bengtsson@xxxxxxxx> wrote:
> I've found a problem with expanding $@.
> If I declare a local variable and assigns the expanded positional parameters:
>        local v="$@"
> It fails with something like:
>        local: 20: \/: bad variable name

This is expected behaviour.  local is just like any other utility
in how it handled parameters.  So "$@" will have been split before
it reaches local.  To get what you want, you should use "$*".
> I've tried this on dash and 0.5.3 and both fail in the same way.
> I've also tried on bash and ash (Busybox) and both handles declaration and assignment on one line.

Bash and older versions of dash (like the one in Busybox) has a
hack that disables field splitting for local and certain other
commands.  This is not guaranteed by POSIX.

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