cmd modifiers options: CPU affinity, ASLR, lightweight exec...

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> Subject: command modifiers (Re: Changes with provided user's source code transform (Size and performance efficient rewriting of the `dash.test` built-in))
> Date: Thu, 1 May 2008 02:00:41 +0100

>> `expr, "$1" * "$2"` -- don't expand shell patterns; or just
>> `expr:, $1 * $2 `; options may be included e.g.
>>> `test,n "$file" -nt arch/avr32/*` -- don't leave unexpanded patterns
>>> `test:,b $file -nt [^a].*` -- pattern is BRE, (ERE, etc, what libc provides)
> (examples are using -nt proposition, but `make` with file-name patterns can
> there as well) etc. (still collecting input)
>>`/bin/chroot! .`-- don't copy environment

After today's exercises i'd like to add:

`sed,c` -- set CPU affinity; maybe some free CPU choice is needed also:
`sed,c[0]` stick to CPU 0
`sed,c[1]` to CPU 1, another form

If one day address space randomization will be freely available, thus
adding useful security feature, but adding burden of random number
generation, good (i.e. slower) random number generation, obviously
flexible run-time configuration of this stuff on exec time will be


set +r -- switch off ASLR
set -r -- switch on ASLR

more common extended format:

set -F[r], set +F[rnd], set +F[asr]

Of course if any execve() kind with this, "light-weight process" or
any other performance/size options will be implemented by cool kernel
kids, then shell will be ready to exploit it fully.

But flexible configurability run-time or build-time seems not a key here

I mean it, not even going into config/build. Now i face with user
interface, that is absolutely dumb and frost-bitten. One must do, type,
repeat, wait for so many stupid things without a hint from UI for help
(command lines, text editors, pagers, browsers)...
sed 'sed && sh + olecom = love' << ''
 #oo'L O
<___=E M
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