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Postfix cyrus imap


I have instaled SOGo server with cyrus IMAP and postfix. I'm be able to send mail from SOGoweb but when I connect
with ThunderBird always show error "mailbox dosen't exist" also I can send the mail but a message " copy message to sent box..." dosen't desappears.

Otherwise if I try to connect to send and email to any person in domain always show "user unknow" with:
postmap -q mgilsanz ldap:/etc/postfix/ldap-aliases.cf I don't see nothing but not error too.

My ldap-aliases.cf is:

server_host =
bind = yes
version = 3
bind_dn= cn=sogoprueba,cn=Users,dc=avalon,dc=com,dc=es
bind_pw= pasword
search_base = ou=Avalon,dc=avalon,dc=com,dc=es
scope = sub
query_filter = (mail=%s)
result_attribute = uid

How can I config maps for postfix? With saslauth I am be able to login with imap, but the sent, recibe, etc... dosen't works
If I send and email from SOGo web I don't see it in sent.

Any idea??

Thank you very much!!

Mikel Gilsanz Prieto

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