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nothing logged in authlog file

I have got saslauthd which works correctly but i can't see any logs of the authentifications in the file authlog

I have already tried to put (in fact i've put them all at the same time to see if one of them works) :

auth.*                          /var/log/authlog
auth                            /var/log/authlog
log_auth                        /var/log/authlog
local6.debug                    /var/log/authlog
auth.debug                      /var/log/authlog
LOG_AUTH.*                      /var/log/authlog
LOG_AUTH                        /var/log/authlog
auth.log                        /var/log/authlog

in the syslog.conf file and restart syslogd.

I've also add log_level: 3 to the smtpd.conf file but still nothing appear.

Where the problem comes from ? Is it some rules that needs that the authlog file should be owned by sasl ?

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