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Re: creating my own auth_module for saslauthd

On 12/04/10 16:58 +0200, francis joseph wrote:
I am trying to create my own authentifying module for saslauthd plugins. In fact my goal is to to authentificate thru a radius server (For specific needs, I can't use the PAM)
The problem is that when I put all my implementation of the authentification function in auth_shadow.c and auth_shadow.h it works fine but when i make my own files auth_radius.c and auth_radius.h it doesn't although i declared my module in mechanisms.h and mechanism.c.

I found that the problem is during cyrus sasl compilation it checks the OS (unix for me) and install only the appropiate mechanisms (PAM GETPWENT SHADOW RIMAP). So auth_radius mechanism isn't being in account by saslauthd. How can I force cyrus sasl to include my own authentification mechanisms with saslauthd ?

I was thinking about writting in hard a new lin in the mech_list instance. Anyone knows how to walkthough this problem ?

You'll also need to modify Makefile.am/Makefile.in to include your new .c
and .h files, and rerun configure.

Dan White

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