September 2010 Review

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Well, I'm going to give it some more months. Let's see where this
goes. (Needless to say, feel free to chime in, anything linux crypto
related is welcome. Just go for it.)

 - loop-AES-v3.4b file/swap crypto package was released on 2010-09-23:

   quoting its release log:
    - Worked around block layer interface breakage on linux-2.6.36-rc
    - Added workaround for device open/close reference count race.
      This race caused random loop-AES "make tests" failures with
      "ioctl: LOOP_CLR_FD: Device or resource busy" error message.
      The workaround is in util-linux patch (new mount/umount/losetup/
      swapon binaries). Thanks to Julien Moutinho for reporting/testing
      this problem. 

 - Version 0.4.2 of loop-AES FAQ was released on 2010-10-06:
   #43 added, #17 adapted, #33 adapted to loop-AES-v3.4b, new patches added
   - FAQ 43: make tests fails: Device busy
     - solution given via release of loop-AES-v3.4b
   - FAQ 33: Why does loop-AES still ask for a password instead of a
     - new patches for loop-AES-v3.4b
   - FAQ 17: Which distros include loop-AES?
     - Gentoo [version unclear - contributed info, thanks]

Better late than never - Vidalia - August 2010 catch-up:

 - Vidalia 0.2.10 released on Aug 26 2010
   quoting its release log:

   - Drop remote GeoIP lookups. Instead, the default behavior now is to
     use the country-level GeoIP database that ships with Tor to map an
     IP address to a country code, and then map the country code to latitude
     and longitude with a separate database built into Vidalia. 
   - Add a -DUSE_GEOIP build option to enable building with MaxMind's
     GeoIP C library for using a local city-level or country-level
     database instead of Tor's database.
     See README.geoip for details on use. 
   - Only update a stream's displayed target address in the network map if
     no hostname was given in the stream's NEW status event. Fix suggested
     by Robert Hogan. (Ticket #608) 
   - Update the menubar icon at the same time as the dock icon on OS X.
     Previously, we had a blank icon in the menubar. (Ticket #610) 
   - Updated several translations.

   prebuilt packages for Slackware 13.1 are available at

   Please note that the Slackware buildscript will make good use of
   the newly introduced -DUSE_GEOIP option via the upcoming release.

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loop-AES FAQ:

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