Re: Is there a plan to support AES-NI in loop-aes?

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Matthias Schniedermeyer wrote:
> I think the subject about covers it.
> I recently bought a Intel SSD (X25-E). With my current machine (Core2Duo
> E6850, 3.2 GHz) i get about 130MB/s of the possible 230MB/s when i
> compare a linear dd of the loop-device vs. raw block-device.
> The real appeal of a new Nehalem-type CPU (like a Core i7-860) would be
> the possibility that AES-NI delivers Full-Encryption with very small to
> neglible performance impact on the SSD.

As of this writing, I don't have access to a machine that has AES-NI

Would you be willing to test code if AES-NI support is added to loop-AES?

Most of the testing would be done as unprivileged userspace program. After
it runs fine in userspace, then the code gets copied to kernel driver.

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