Re: slackware64 util-ng build error

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"maxim65@xxxxxxxxx" wrote:
> Now I'm using Mark patched util-linux and seems to be working fine, but
> first I tryed to reconfigure util renaming temporary libblkid >
> libblkid_no and then got util successfully compiled. I installed all
> packages of slackware64, I looked for libuuid in the packages list of
> slak64-13 and didn't find it.

I have seen at least one setup where blkid library auto-detection didn't
work correctly. Dunno if this affects slackware.

My workaround was to manually override ./configure auto-detection by running
the script like this:

CFLAGS="-O2 -Wall" BLKID_LIBS='-lblkid -luuid' BLKID_CFLAGS='-I/usr/include/blkid' ./configure

The problem was buggy/incorrect data in blkid library configuration file
that usually is in /usr/lib/pkgconfig/blkid.pc

Type "man pkg-config" for more info about *.pc files.

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