Re: Ubuntu Jaunty has CONFIG_BLK_DEV_LOOP=y, prevents loading loop-aes

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Daniel Harvey wrote:
Hi Jari, Max and all,

Ubuntu Jaunty has CONFIG_BLK_DEV_LOOP=y, which prevents you from loading
the loop-aes modules if you build them externally, so in order to use
them you must build your own kernel as well.

At the present, I'm compiling my own kernel which is painful for only
this (albeit important!) reason.


A previous post has discussed the use of /dev/xloop[0-7]:

Can anyone comment on the way forward? I personally cannot see why the
loop should not stay as a module (status quo) but that seems to have
been knocked back in some quarters (see comments re: "kernel feature" on
bug ). Is there any revised comment as to getting loop-aes into the kernel mainline?

Just out of curiosity....
Why is it that these kind of messages/questions exist and thus distract from all else of potential relevance?... One's under the (false??) impression that this board is for issues regarding loop-AES, one of the best thought-out, professionally implemented, practical addition in "`nix-land`, period. - And Yes, it works perfectly fine with the (any) kernel. When one encounters "problems" with garbage distros, hacked together by charlatans - U___u, F___a, etc; fill in the blanks - perhaps one's inquiries would be better served by the same charlatans whose stillborn ideas put the meaning of *inapt* into a whole new perspective. - No?! To also reflect on the question "the way forward"... is not to use junk and expect it to run, float or fly.
Now, who wants pie?....
p.s. Jari should know *incompetent* when he sees it, as he is anything but.

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