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On Fri, May 8, 2009 at 14:50, Phil Grundig <wdef200@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> I once asked on the Puppy linux forum if they would build the loop driver as a loadable module instead of compiling it into the kernel, and got no response.  This was after a I spent a few hours recompiling the Puppy kernel, rebuilding the initrd and remastering the iso to produce a Puppy with loop-aes. More work than it was worth, though it was an interesting project, which is why I guess I did it:
> Damnsmallllinux has my loop-aes 3.x extension in the repo; this works and is a reasonably current version, however DSL itself is fairly old software now but at least it's a lot smaller than Knoppix and will run on very old hardware.
> I'm told that TinyCore linux intend to build loop.ko in the future instead of compiling it into the kernel.

I guess all that compilation in Gentoo is good for something after all?  :)

I have this weird thing where I actually _like_ compiling kernels, if
just to see what's new/changed.  Not sure why it takes you guys so
long to compile kernels, even with ~600 modules mine seldom take more
than 30 minutes to compile.

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