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> markus reichelt <ml@xxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> Welcome to the club. Slackware has loop also built-in by now. 
> And a modular kernel compile takes quite some time...

Yes, it took 3h+ on my netbook to compile .deb files with kernel image and modules. As we coped with this burden on SuSE before I promise it is doable. First question is:
Would it be sufficient to compile a new kernel image alone?

The standard kernel has loop built in. I want to cut it out and load it afterwards separately. 
> Actively driven out is too harsh a wording, imho. It's somewhat
> neglected, yes, but there are valid reasons for it.

Driven out is the proper term here. While loop is built in arbitrarily all shitty DM stuff is modularized. Seems someone promotes DM to make use of backdoors hacked into it.
So called third-party packages are often taken from debian, are out-dated but when you think of medibuntu it's the only way get multimedia stuff to work quickly. In the current situation I'll have to work with the sources and maybe even shift back to SuSE again. In case all new kernels are delivered with loop inside the image I just say good night and good luck!

Kind regards,

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