Any questions about loop-AES?

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in February I'm going to publish the updated loop-AES FAQ.

So until the end of the month I'm looking for any questions about
loop-AES not covered by the fine loop-AES.README or the FAQ.
Up-to-date questions are listed as follows (older FAQ linked in my
sig), so this is your chance to pop the question you always wanted to
ask; dont be shy ;-)

FAQ: Help
I would like to contribute. How does it work? 
I have run into problems... What info should I supply when writing to
the mailing list?

FAQ: Security
Why should a key be used only once? 
Is keyscrubbing enabled by default? What about padlock? 
Is keyscrubbing available for all supported ciphers? 
MD5 has practically been broken but loop-AES uses it. Is that a
security risk?
How does loop-AES multi-key v3 mode work? 
Is key material in RAM properly sanitized when it is not needed
Is a loop-device always auto-detached after unmounting?
According to the Gutmann/Ney Article In 'Linux Magazin 10/2006'
loop-AES totally sucks. What about it?
Is there a defense against the cold-boot attack?

FAQ: Compatibility
Can I use any loop device number for root encryption?
Is there a compatibility mode for mainline/ cryptoloop in

FAQ: Tuning and Tweaking
How can I use a partitionless encrypted harddisk? 
remount -o,rw fails on -o ro set up loop device 
using unprotected loop-AES keyfile 
How can I change my passphrase? 
How can I use a locally stored key for a remote box? 
I want to use a single boot-CD for multiple machines with root
encryption running the same kernel version but using different
What about RAID and loop-AES?
What about logical volumes (lvm) and loop-AES?
I am using the kernel patch but what about options like keyscrub,
padlock, max loops, and the other ciphers?

FAQ: Misc
Why does script fail on kernels with modern libata
I am using Kubuntu 7.10 (64bit) and the initrd just segfaults during
Using loop-AES on slackware systems
Is there a Slackware package? 
Which distros include loop-AES? 
I accidentially deleted my keyfile - can I extract it from RAM?
Why is it not recommended to just replace the kernel loop module with
the one from loop-AES?
How can I verify that dietlibc is working correctly?
I have forgotten my passphrase. Is there anything I can do?

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loop-AES FAQ:

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