Re: Mounting loop-aes using FreeOTFE under Windows?

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* Phil Grundig <wdef200@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

> Anyone tried this?  Are they talking about loop-aes v3.x?

Nope, and I doubt that crosscrypt can cope with loop-AES v3. 

Also, the crosscrypt site does not state any date of changes, any
date at all, only some version numbers. Back in 2006 (over 2.5 years
ago actually) I mailed crosscrypt's author about it, but got no

> (I know old loop-aes v1.x formatted with vfat could be mounted on
> Windows using Crosscrypt, I tried that and it worked.)

FWIW, I do not know of any Windows application that can deal with
loop-AES v3 mode.

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