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Jari Ruusu <jariruusu@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> Last time when euro UTF-8 encoding was discussed here, we sort of agreed
> that linux text console does NOT use correct UTF-8 encoding for the euro.
> Has this been fixed since then?

Yes, that was me... Back with Kubuntu 7.04 and SuSE 10.2 :-(
What I tried today was to generate a gpg key in the console under X and then decrypt it in the console and a terminal as well. Result was:
Kubuntu 7.10 64bit decrypts it even when I used german umlauts, µ euro signs and the like.
SuSE 10.2 fails to do so.
Now I´ll take a look if Kubuntu decrypts that same key with:

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