Re: Who is booting IBM T42 or similar from USB stick?

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> Most likely last one was a problem - I booted in enter setup w/o key 
> inserted (else I have problems). People who are using DamnSmallLinux 
> report that T42 boots from USB o.k., but that is a different situation. 
> Additionally they claim it is possible, that one USB prepared to boot 
> may work only on some of systems.
> About Grub: does anyone managed to boot OS on HDD from USB? I tried this 
> summer, but failed.

DamnSmallLinux and other compact solutions are a good example. If your mainboard & usb combination works with one of these distros you can use it for loop-aes, too. But be cautious: Don´t mix up bootloader and kernel! It is one thing to get a bootloader working and another to build a kernel that starts from usb devices properly.
In case you attach a hard drive via usb the kernel definitely needs usb-core/usb-storage and such to be built-in! I saw problems with some usb-wlan device after I ran a kernel with usb built into the kernel. Because of this I can only advice to stick to a standard kernel configuration and make no more changes to it than there are really needed.

> I don't have T42 yet - it is making a transatlantic trip. I'll send 
> feedback about setting up syslinux in case there is something unusual.

Before buying this T42 I suggest you inform yourself about its usb related features. Once again, the manual for the mainboard is the best source for this! My next mainboard will come with support for usb boot devices - or remain in the shop!

> PS: if someone wants to steal your data really bad, why not to install a 
> small transmitter, that captures I/O from USB and keyboard! {again 
> problems and you cannot be really sure}
> Sometimes I think if it is possible to build a information system, that 
> logically ensures impossibility of leaking AND loosing data, when used 
> properly.

Full disk data scrambling is needed to enforce warranty claims. When a drive dies I want to be in a position of sending it back to the manufacturer and ask for my money to be paid back. When a drive gets stolen I will rather destroy related keys than risking their robbery, too.

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