Re: LVM2 logical volumes on Loop-AES

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Fog_Watch wrote:
> Jari, this is what happens when booting:
> 1       machine loads kernel
> 2       password requested and loopback is setup
> 3       then there is the following error
> "Unable to make device node for 'vg-root'
> /dev/vg: mkdir failed : No space left on device"
> And boot ends with a system halt.
> This is when y=`expr ${y} + 500`.
> When y=`expr ${y} + 2` or y=`expr ${y} + 100` the following error is
> returned on boot:
> "/etc/lvm: mkdir failed: No space left on device"

I have to admit that I haven't looked at what that lvm program is trying to
do, but it doesn't look like it is intended to be used in such tiny space

Maybe you should be looking at some other ways of booting it. As in, no involved at all.

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