Re: LVM2 logical volumes on Loop-AES

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I am aiming to boot from logical volumes that are attached to
an encrypted /dev/loop which is in turn attached to a /dev/hda.
I hope to have all but /boot encrypted, yet retain the flexibility of
lvm2. To date I have failed.

I can encrypt my root partition according to Example 5 in the
readme.  And, I can create logical volumes on top of an encrypted
loopback.  It is in the murky world of the init ram disk that a start
clutching at shadows.  

I'll start with a question that I am moderately sure of.  In
build-initrd.conf, what should CRYPTROOT=?  CRYPTROOT=/dev/vg/root does
not work (not surprising in retrospect).  Or, should I be using
something different from 



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