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Jan Klod wrote:
> VFS: Mounted root (minix filesystem) readonly.
> Mounting /dev/sdc as /lib failed

Above 'failed' message comes from initrd code running. Meaning:

1) bootloader loaded kernel and initrd ok
2) kernel booted ok
3) initrd code started running ok

The remaining problem is why USB device mount failed.

Kernel may start running initrd code before USB devices are detected. You
may say that your computer booted from USB so USB is ok. Well.. that was
computer's BIOS and bootloader that accessed that USB device, not linux
kernel. Linux kernel also needs to recognize those devices before those
devices "exist" to linux kernel. That may take some time when kernel chats
with USB devices and becomes convinced that they exists.

The fix is to tell initrd code to wait few seconds before it attempts to
mount any USB device. This can be achieved by setting


in your configuration. That waits 3 seconds.

[ Peter_22@xxxxxx provided almost same info yesterday, but I haven't seen
  any "solved" messages from you yet ]

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