Re: Status in 2007 of: loop-aes VS dm-crypt VS truecrypt

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Unweitze Enweister wrote:
> * Jari Ruusu <jariruusu@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> [2007-05-30 19:12:05 +0300]:
> > Does it output "*** Test results ok ***" string at the end?
> No. The Knoppix dvd, being Debian based, has the loop-aes testing
> application broken out into a package called 'loop-aes-testsuite' which
> is NOT included on the disk.

Knoppix? I thought we were talking about grml.

> One must do:
> 'apt-get update' then 'apt-get install loop-aes testsuite', which will
> install the testing application into the Knoppix live filesystem.
> >From there, the user performs:
> loop-aes-runtests -v

But does it work without installing any extra packages?
Something like this:

    md5sum loop-AES-v3.2a.tar.bz2 | grep d0b5b0f104ce0e1ee9e3ba9608f24ec4
    tar xvjf loop-AES-v3.2a.tar.bz2
    cd loop-AES-v3.2a
    make tests

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