Re: Status in 2007 of: loop-aes VS dm-crypt VS truecrypt

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* Christian Kujau <lists@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> [2007-05-30 17:28:29 +0100]:

> With dm-crypt properly set up, that should NOT be a problem, remember:
> "[...] if I take a letter and lock it in a safe, and then
>  give you the safe along with the design specifications of the safe and
>  a hundred identical safes with their combinations so that you and the
>  world's best safecrackers can study the locking mechanism--and you
>  still can't open the safe and read the letter, that's security."
>         - Bruce Schneier

Correct.  Still, being paranoid, I don't wish to hand my adversary my
playbook - even if the adversary hasn't learned to read it yet.  It
narrows down what he has to learn to read.


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