Re: Status in 2007 of: loop-aes VS dm-crypt VS truecrypt

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Unweitze Enweister wrote:
> * markus reichelt <ml@xxxxxxxxxxxxx> [2007-05-30 02:34:59 +0200]:
> > * Rudolf Deilmann <rudolf.deilmann@xxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> > > Or try for testing purpose (speed, usability,...)
> > > It supports dmcrypt, loop-aes and truecrypt.
> >
> > loop-aes? since when?
> The current DVD release supports loop-aes, with extra ciphers twofish,
> serpent, and blowfish as well.  Don't know about CD image.

grml 1.0 kernel configuration on their web site says that CD has cryptoloop,
not loop-AES.
> The one I have on my desk right now sports a 2.6.19 kernel.

If you change to loop-AES source directory (any v3 version), and test it
like this:

    make tests

Does it output "*** Test results ok ***" string at the end?

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