Re: Kubuntu 7.04 amd64 vs. loop-aes

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On (10/05/07 02:44), Peter_22@xxxxxx wrote:
> Hi folks!
> Tonight I installed Kubuntu 7.04 on my AMD64 using a second hard disk.
> To my horror loop-aes is missing. And even more horrific is what the
> package manager adept shows: no loop-aes package and aespipe in
> version 2.3b. Well, version 2.3b was something back in 2005, right?
> Where are the correct packages for Kubuntu 7.04 amd64? I hoped Ubuntu
> could displace SuSE with a flawless package support that follows the
> "it just works!" slogan. Tomorrow I´ll do the usual business, load all
> source from the web and compile the kubuntu kernel in the shell - just
> like I did with SuSE before. I´ll report the most stunning error
> messages to you, so stay tuned!

suggests that there is 3.1d available.

Have you activated the universe component?



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