Re: loop-aes on MIPS DSL Router

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On Saturday 21 Apr 2007, Peter_22@xxxxxx wrote:
> Since popular DSL Modems/Routers run some kind of Linux on a 32bit MIPS
> processor I ask myself if loop-aes source can be compiled for this platform
> as well. ...

You might want to take a look at - open-source firmware for 
router-type devices. The AVM 7170 is listed as "untested", so you'd be on 
your own (apart from any OpenWRT mailing-lists/fora) and on the bleeding-edge 
if you tried installing OpenWRT on it. It's got loads of RAM and flash, 
though, compared to many other routers.

Alternatively, you might be able to upload loop-aes kernel modules and 
userspace stuff to an unmodified one via some kind of debugging interface 
(for example, the Netgear DG834G can be accessed by telnet to get a shell 
prompt which can then be used to upload files).

It's worth a try and, as long as you don't try installing OpenWRT, I can't see 
that you could do it any harm.

Happy hacking!


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