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Hi all,

I have a problem unmounting loop devices with loop-aes (Debian/Ubuntu

My fstab mount line represents the following:

/media/usbdisk/.fs.ext3 --> /dev/loop4 --> /media/usbdisk/fs ext2
file containing EXT3 filesystem --> loop device --> mounted EXT3

The problem is that in the past, "umount /dev/loop4" worked, but NOT any

I try

daniel@elvandar:~$ umount /dev/loop4
umount: /dev/loop4 is not mounted (according to mtab)

However mount shows:

/media/usbdisk/.fs.ext3 on /media/usbdisk/fs type ext2

My setup is as follows:

daniel@elvandar:~$ dpkg -S /bin/umount
diversion by loop-aes-utils from: /bin/umount
diversion by loop-aes-utils to: /bin/umount.orig
mount, loop-aes-utils: /bin/umount

daniel@elvandar:~$ dpkg -l mount loop-aes-utils

||/ Name Version Description
ii loop-aes-utils 2.12r-11 Tools for mounting and manipulating filesyst
ii mount 2.12r-11ubuntu Tools for mounting and manipulating filesyst

So, perhaps the problem is loop-aes-utils?

I wonder if anyone has seen this, or experienced this?

Thanks in advance,
Daniel Harvey <daniel@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>

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